CERAMIC HEART (4 in stock)


Porcelain clay and gold lustre - elegant, beautiful and timeless!

This heart ornament is perfect as a small gift, reminding someone that they hang close to your heart but can also be attached as a tag in gift wrapping.

Hand cut, glazed, painted and strung, this ornament adds a touch of the handmade to any environment. It has been fired to 1280°Celsius and after the 12ct gold lustre was painted onto the glaze, it was refired to 720°Celsius.

Each ceramic heart is 5 x 5cm - width and height, and are approximately 5mm deep. The total length of the hanger (from ribbon knot to base heart) is approximately 14cm.

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Each Servant Ceramics vessel has been handmade by me, Rachel, in my Meanjin (Brisbane, Queensland) based studio. I am a trained ceramic artist, having completed a diploma of ceramics and a bachelor of arts in Naam (Melbourne, Victoria). I have been operating Servant Ceramics since 2013 and I love making vessels that you can personally use every day or give as gifts to the significant people in your life.