Meet the Maker

Welcome to Servant Ceramics' virtual home! Thank you for popping in. 

If we haven't personally met at a market, my name is Rachel and I use my hands, head and heart to create small-batch, functional wares in Meanjin (Brisbane), on Turrbal and Jagera land. 

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As a child, my parents were passionate about community and our house bustled with family, friends, neighbours and tag-alongs. The teapot never had a day off and the biscuit tin was usually running low. It's not a surprise that I now make plates, mugs and bowls that people can use daily to enhance and enrich the eating and drinking experience. I especially enjoy it when my vessels are bought for loved ones and then with every use, that relationship is remembered and deepened.

After studying ceramics at Homesglen TAFE (VIC), I set up my first studio in Toowong, (QLD) in 2013 and operated it full-time for three years. I am not running Servant Ceramics as a 'pay-all-the-bills' business at the moment and as a result, I find myself delighting more in the making processes as I throw, turn, decorate, glaze and fire in my home studio space as sustainably as I can. 

When you purchase, or gift a Servant Ceramics piece, please recognise that each one is unique, individual and made with deliberate intention to enrich and enhance daily life. Being handmade, they provide not just a human connection, but a physical connection to our created world (through the materiality of clay) and a emotional connection (stoneware clay endures a top temperature of 1280 degrees in the glaze firing to be fully useful (vitrifed); times of pressure can reveal strength we never knew we had).